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Regenerative medicine has immense potential to heal damaged tissues by stimulating the body’s repair mechanisms. Our board-certified doctors provide FDA-approved regenerative medicines and treatments that relieve chronic pain and help improve quality of life. You can return to your daily activities sooner than you otherwise could, and lead a fuller and more active life. For what is arguably the best regenerative medicine Los Angeles can provide, come to Source Healthcare.

Advanced Regenerative Medicine in Los Angeles

Our therapies address chronic pain and muscular tears from sports injuries. Experienced interventional pain specialists administer advanced treatments with proven efficacy and safety. We have honest conversations about outcomes and provide exceptional care to every patient. Our team of board-certified physicians supports the development of advanced regenerative therapies worldwide.

What are Regenerative Medicine Treatments?

Source Healthcare’s goal of Regenerative Medicine in Los Angeles, is restoring the functionality of affected tissues. Traditional pharmacological approaches to pain relief focus on relieving symptoms. After a review of your pain condition, we determine a suitable course of treatment that may involve traditional and regenerative techniques.

PRP therapy: The blood’s platelets and plasma possess natural healing properties that can treat sports injuries. Blood is taken from the patient and processed to obtain a concentrated solution of platelets and plasma (PRP). Platelets contain proteins known as growth factors that play a vital role in the healing of injuries. This is injected in a carefully chosen location near the injury site. PRP therapy can facilitate the effective healing of chronic tendon injuries, fractures, ligaments, muscle injuries, and arthritis. Factors affecting the effectiveness of PRP treatment include the area being treated, whether the condition is acute or chronic, and the patient’s overall health.

Stem cell therapy: Stem cells are specialized cells that can aid the healing of damaged tissues and organs of the body. They can differentiate into other cell types of other tissues and organs, and repair and heal the tissue to which they belong. Stem cell therapy is based on the replenishing properties of stem cells to resolve several degenerative disorders. When stem cells are placed near a damaged Achilles tendon, they develop into the tissue cells, transforming non-functional cells into functional cells. The stem cells for treatment are taken from the patient’s blood, fat, or bone marrow. They are then processed in the lab and administered in the targeted muscles using a very fine needle.

Prolotherapy: Many painful conditions resulting from sports injuries, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, chronic tendonitis, respond well to this innovative technique. It addresses pain by acting on the underlying cause and stimulating the body’s natural healing resources. During the procedure, a solution of concentrated dextrose (sugar or salt solution) and a local anesthetic is injected into the affected ligaments, tendons, and connective tissues. The prolotherapy agent produces a mild inflammation that tricks the body into believing that the area is injured and begins the healing process. Prolotherapy is an outpatient procedure performed at our office. Most patients return to work or regular activities after the procedure.


Resolving Different Types of Pain Using Regenerative Medicine

The following pain types can be addressed with our regenerative medicine in Los Angeles.

Spinal stenosis: A condition where the spinal column narrows and compresses the spinal cord. The onset is gradual, and causes lower back pain when sitting or standing, along with weakness in the arm or leg, numbness in the legs, and balance problems.

Osteoarthritis: A degenerative joint disease caused by the deterioration of tissues that protect the joints, affecting the hands, spine, hips, and knees. Symptoms include limited range of motion, joint tenderness and stiffness, and weakness in arms and legs.

Radiculopathy: Radiculopathy is a condition where the wear and tear, or injury to the bones and cartilages surrounding the spine causes a pinched nerve in the spine. It puts pressure on the nerve roots that exit the spinal cord, causing pain, numbness, and weakness.

Herniated disc: The spinal column is made of bones cushioned by discs that protect them against stress from daily activities. Weakness or injury to the inner area of the disc causes the disc to protrude, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Compression fracture: A collapse of the bones of your spine causes compression fracture, which can produce severe pain in the back. Other symptoms include loss of height and poor posture.

Occipital neuralgia: When the nerves running through the scalp get injured or inflamed, they cause chronic headaches in the upper neck, behind the ears, and back of the head.

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Why Source Healthcare for Regenerative Medicine Los Angeles?

Receive treatment from a team that has over three decades of experience in regenerative and sports medicine, and orthopedic treatment. We have a solid track-record of interventional, non-interventional, and minimally invasive procedures for chronic or acute pain, and in the facilitation of recovery from injuries.

Source Healthcare is led by Timothy Davis, MD, a principal investigator for FDA clinical trials. Our pain management approach is rooted in science and leverages only evidence-based therapy and regenerative medicine Los Angeles clients can count on.

We invest in education and discovery. From consultation to treatment, your experience is comfortable and illuminating.

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