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Disc Degeneration

Long-Lasting Relief from Disc Degeneration

Disc degeneration is a common condition where the “discs” that are in between the spinal bones (vertebrae) break down (degenerate). This leads to the typical symptoms of back or neck pain, while the pain can often extend to legs and arms.

At Source Healthcare, our team of highly experienced interventional specialists design an individualized pain management program to provide maximum and long-lasting relief from pain and inflammation.

What Are the Discs?

Vertebral discs are unique and interesting structures throughout the spine. The primary functions of the discs are:

  • To protect the vertebrae against impact by acting as shock absorbers
  • To hold the spinal vertebrae together
  • To enable spinal mobility as cartilaginous joints

What is Disc Degeneration?

While disc degeneration can affect any part of the spine, it most commonly affects the discs in the lumbar region or the lower back region.

Degenerative changes typically occur with age and not due to injuries. Overuse, repeated sprains, and strains lead to gradual disc degeneration. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), nearly everyone over the age of 40 experiences disc degeneration to some extent.


Symptoms of Disc Degeneration

Disc degeneration typically causes chronic pain in the lower level with intermittent severe pain episodes. Degenerated discs are at high risk for protrusion or herniation, where the affected disc presses against the nerves that exit the spinal cord. Herniated discs also can lead to sciatica – a condition where the sciatic nerve gets irritated.

As the disc degenerates, bony spurs or small bony outgrowths can form on the affected vertebrae edges.

When the bony spurs compress or press against the spinal cord, it can lead to problems with bladder and bowel control and walking. The most common symptom of disc degeneration is pain that is:

  • Worse when sitting.
  • Worse when lifting, bending, or twisting.
  • Better when running or walking as compared to standing or sitting for prolonged periods
  • Better when changing positions often.
  • Present in bouts of severe pain that can be disabling pain that radiates to leg, buttocks, arms, and hips
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Optimum Pain Management for Disc Degeneration

We offer a wide-range of non-invasive pain management procedures that include epidural injections, facet blocks, radiofrequency ablation, and infusion therapy to effectively treat acute and chronic pain.

Our interventional specialists perform a thorough evaluation of your medical and medication history apart from assessing your pain and other symptoms before prescribing the appropriate treatment. During the procedure, they use sedation or a local anesthetic to maximize your comfort while a fluoroscopy imaging is used to precisely place the needle in the treatment area.

Precision placement and the right formulation of epidurals, facets, or other pain-relieving medications ensure quick, effective, and long-lasting relief from debilitating pain.

As the preferred Santa Monica spine, sports, orthopedic, and regenerative medicine providers, Source Healthcare has a team of interventional specialists with a combined experience of more than 35 years. With an impressive track record of having performed more than 18,000 successful interventional spine procedures, we have emerged as the sought-after pain management clinic in Santa Monica and surrounding areas.

To experience optimum pain relief from cutting-edge pain management procedures, contact us today, and schedule an appointment with our pain management experts.


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