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Post Laminectomy Syndrome

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Often, people attempt to get rid of their pain with the help of surgery, but this does not always work in their favor. Instead of pain relief, some people begin to experience more pain and discomfort, which becomes persistent with each treatment. This syndrome is called the Post Laminectomy Syndrome or the Failed Back Syndrome.

Post Laminectomy Syndrome

This condition, also called “failed back surgery syndrome,” is a type of chronic pain. It can develop in some people after spine surgery.

Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial

Spinal cord stimulation (also called SCS) uses electrical impulses to relieve chronic pain of the back, arms and legs. It is believed that electrical pulses prevent pain signals from being received by the brain. SCS candidates include people who suffer from neuropathic pain and for whom conservative treatments have failed.

Common Causes

The most common causes for Post Laminectomy Syndrome or FBS are:

  • Neuropathic Injury
  • Adjacent Segment Degeneration
  • Pseudoarthrosis (Failed Fusion)
  • Degenerative Scoliosis
  • Spondylolisthesis (Instability)
  • Muscular Dysfunction

Failed Back Syndrome

Failed back syndrome or post-laminectomy syndrome is a condition characterized by persistent pain following back surgeries.
Failed back syndrome (FBS), also called “failed back surgery syndrome” (FBSS), refers to chronic back and/or leg pain that occurs after back (spinal) surgery, usually after a laminectomy.

A laminectomy procedure typically includes a surgery where a part of the vertebra that protects the spinal cord from damage is removed. This treatment helps to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord from a protruding disc. While most people heal normally from such a procedure, certain people begin to experience more back and leg pain in the days following the treatment.

It is characterized as a chronic pain syndrome. Multiple factors can contribute to the onset or development of FBS. Contributing factors include but are not limited to residual or recurrent spinal disc herniation, persistent post-operative pressure on a spinal nerve, altered joint mobility, joint hypermobility with instability, scar tissue (fibrosis), depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and spinal muscular deconditioning. An individual may be predisposed to the development of FBS due to systemic disorders such as diabetes, autoimmune disease, and peripheral blood vessels (vascular) disease.

Common symptoms associated with FBS include diffuse, dull, and aching pain involving the back and/or legs. Abnormal sensibility may include sharp, pricking, and stabbing pain in the extremities. The term “post-laminectomy syndrome” is used by some doctors to indicate the same condition as failed back syndrome.

It has been noticed that a person who has experienced FBS or Post Laminectomy Syndrome after one surgery, will most likely experience it again if they opt for repair surgery. For this reason, other advanced treatments are recommended to help with pain management without the need for surgery.


Diagnosis & Treatment

When you come in for a consultation with us, we check to see if you show the symptoms associated with FBS. This includes tenderness at the site of injury, altered posture, or trouble walking normally. Your medical history will be evaluated, and if needed, other advanced scans and imaging tests are used to see if there is any residual compression on the spinal nerves post-surgery.

Post Laminectomy Syndrome can be treated in a few ways. First, our specialists will prescribe pain killer medications to reduce the pain and see if there is any significant improvement in regular movements. Following this, we include effective physical therapy exercises in your treatment plan to address the affected area and improve mobility. If needed, we can also recommend other specialist therapies, such as PRP therapy or radiofrequency denervation.

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