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Shoulder Pain
Santa Monica

Preventing Shoulder Pain Together

Besides giving shape to our body, our shoulders help us with a lot of daily movements and motions. Our shoulders are in motion almost always, by reaching out to scratch the back, throwing a ball, or pushing a heavy door. Considering all this, it becomes very difficult for a person to live their normal lives once they encounter shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can arise due to a wide number of causes. If you feel any pain, discomfort, or uneasiness in your shoulders and surrounding areas, you must immediately visit a doctor to rule out any serious problems. For anyone experiencing shoulder pain, Santa Monica has Source Healthcare to take care of their needs.

What is the Anatomy of the Shoulder?

The shoulder area consists of a ball-and-socket joint, to which three major parts are connected – the upper arm bone, the shoulder blade, and the collarbone. These three bones are held together by a group of muscles and tendons, often called the rotator cuff. These tissues are responsible for improving mobility in your shoulder.

Biceps Tendonitis

This is a problem with a tendon in your shoulder. Most often, it’s the “long head of biceps” tendon. It travels from the front of your upper arm to the top of your shoulder socket. With this condition, the tendon becomes painfully inflamed or irritated.

Shoulder Impingement

This is a painful pinching of soft tissues in your shoulder. It happens when these tissues rub and press against a part of your shoulder blade called the “acromion.” This can irritate your rotator cuff tendons, and also a soft sac called the “subacromial bursa.”

Subacromial Injection

This injection goes into your shoulder. It can help reduce your shoulder pain. We use it to treat many conditions. It’s used for adhesive capsulitis, rotator cuff tendinosis and impingement syndrome.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

If you are experiencing shoulder pain in Santa Monica here are some things you should know. Shoulder pain can be caused by a single or a variety of factors. One of the most common causes of shoulder pain is an injury to the area. Any major fall or sudden jerk movement can cause a fractured bone in the area or even a tear to the rotator cuff joint muscles.

The tendons in the area are also susceptible to inflammation and pain – often resulting in tendinitis or bursitis. While bursitis usually occurs due to excessive force to the shoulder muscles, tendinitis can be acute or chronic.

Acute tendinitis occurs when you injure yourself while playing sports or lifting heavy weights, whereas chronic tendinitis occurs due to repetitive wear and tear of the muscle group.

Osteoarthritis is also one of the main causes of shoulder pain, which occurs due to repetitive wear-and-tear or injury to the area. Sometimes, people avoid moving their shoulders too much to avoid pain, but this only stiffens the soft tissues in the joint and can lead to increased inflammation and pain in the shoulder area.

Besides these common causes, shoulder pain can also arise due to a frozen shoulder, bone spurs, poor posture, a pinched nerve in either the neck or shoulder, spinal cord injury, or even as a result of a heart attack.


Diagnosis & Treatment

When you visit our clinic, we recommend a comprehensive evaluation of your shoulder pain to identify the main causes and provide the most accurate treatment. Our expert doctors will carry out a range of physical ability tests, check your complete medical history, and make use of imaging tests like X-ray and MRI to locate the source of the pain.

Once the factors behind the pain are identified, our doctors will prescribe a range of treatments like activity changes, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications to bring down the pain significantly. Over time, you will notice an improvement in your range of motion and less pain in the affected areas.

For the most effective treatments for shoulder pain Santa Monica can provide, contact Source Healthcare.

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The shoulders form a vital part of our body and are very important for engaging in day-to-day activities. Don’t let your shoulder pain put a stop to your life. Book an appointment with us at Source Healthcare in Santa Monica, California, and our well-trained professionals can provide you with the best-suited treatment for your individual needs.

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